Los Angeles: Pithos Broken

Welcome to the other Los Angeles 1982. It’s a world much like ours, with history that resembles the history we know, and another history that exists right alongside it. Players take the role of mortals standing against the nightmares that live among them – “hunters” as they’re commonly known in the World of Darkness. They are very human protagonists – with all their failings: fragile, unhinged, afraid, desperate; they are also one of the few willing to seek out supernatural predators: study them, shadow and bargain and flirt with them – and yes, kill them, or at least defend others against them. This is a setting that centers otherwise mundane people who have decided to try to face the darkness together.

These pages detail a chronicle for mortals willing to peer behind the curtains to the obscured, beautiful, and terrible world behind. The Chronicles of Darkness ruleset is used for this World of Darkness, though the setting heavily relies on the 2020 revised editions of traditional content and some aspects of the newest editions.